Thursday, March 30, 2006

Of course! Give her an inch and she takes a mile. Let her show her Shetland yarn and you can bet a picture of her sheep will follow. Tomorrow I bet she posts pictures of the new calves.

These are some fine singles Jane spun many years ago, from the wool of her magic Shetland sheep. The blue is dyed with Rit denium blue dye. Jane says don't use rit it was an experiment gone bad. Stick to kool-aid or Gaywool dye. She likes the yarn so she is using it for lace.

Laura is reading to Brooklyn, Laura is such a nice girl. Brooklyn is such a sweatie. I love it when these guys come to The Emporium.

Gemma is working in the coffee shop. She sure is doing a better job than Jane has been!

These are a pair of mittens made by Wendy with Llama yarn aren't they cool!

How cute is this little knitter?

Two of the little chatter box girls. Aren't they cuties

John looks so serious!

Saturday, March 04, 2006

she will serving her pizzas again when we have music and poetry.

There was a special treat Friday night. Angelica of Angelica's Garden was serving up her organic pizza's They were great!!

Everyone seemed to be having a really great time Friday night. Just to let you know Friday April 7th is open mic. night come a read your poetry, or just come listen and have a good time!!!

Jeffrey the in house poet was back again Friday night. He is one of the greatest humans I have yet to meet and not only that, he is a truly GREAT poet. Some day Jeffrey will be famous and I can say I knew him when. A really really great man.

This girl can really play the flute. I haven't heard such great music in a long time.

Friday night was a GREAT night. We had music from Feather, Loon Feather and Boton's daughter.

Another picture of the fun group of wonderful ladies

This is a really neat group of wonderful ladies that were using me to practice the delcimer. They were so much fun. I hope they come back soon. I enjoyed them so much.

Jane is make a red tubey. I won't tell you what she calls it. Oh maybe I will. No I better not this is a family blog. She also started working on a Panta. (pictures to follow)

Pie are square shawl is done but needs to be blocked. Jane wears it all the time. She looks like a little old bag lady.

Jane got new yarn in last week. Aromatherapy yarn, have you ever heard of such a thing? She likes it. It seems to make her happy.

one more picture about myself because I love myself so much. Jane made a big mistake (surpise surprise) on the first two pictures, they are very small she was going to try and fix them, I told her she should probably leave well enough alone. Poor girl is not the brightest bulb on the tree but she is all I have right now.

more work in progress. Notice how no one will look at Jane while she takes a picture.

Here is another picture of the work in process

John has hired the nicest guys to work on the apartment up stairs. I'm hoping to have a nice family live here.