Wednesday, November 30, 2005

It's Wednesday so that means John is in roasting coffee!!!!! This is what he roasts the coffee bean in. It is a Royal Roaster No. 5. People seem to like his coffee a lot. Notice the Hat, it's one of the hat patterns in the book Jane likes. She made it for herself and John took it for himself. It has not been very pleasant around here since. I think she will have to knit another one for herself because John will not take it off. These two humans drive me nuts!!!

Brennan came in tonight for dinner. He is such a neat guy. He came back from running a marathon in Ireland. We call him the mighty Quinn.
The Christmas lights came on tonight in Elmwood. This is my corner. This is my town. These are my Christmas lights and this is how I look at night. I love my little town and the people in it.

Saturday, November 26, 2005

I know I did a post already today but this is special!!!

Sandra and her daughter Cassandra just came in for Supper. These two people mean alot to me. When they come in they make me smile. (As much as a building can smile.)

Sandy's husband and Cassandra father is doing a great thing for us as a country and he won't be home until the end of April and he has been gone so long already, we really appreciate everything Sandy, Cassandra and Steve are doing. These are some GREAT people.

Hello Hello, I hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving!!!! Mine was awful ,no one was here on Thanksgiving. I was all alone and very cold. ( they always turn the heat down) Mary had a nice thanksgiving, John and Jane had Dona John's Mom come and stay for the big meal.

I was starting to feel very sorry for myself because no one was here!!

But Friday was awesome. Pastor came in to impart knowledge on everyone. He just couldn't keep it under his hat, or hats. I only have one roof but he has several great looking hats. Pastor is the local coffee house preacher and a great fountain of information.

LaVonne just came in from the cold, that is why her nose is red, her dark glasses are part of her disguise. She is THE mischievous mysterious crocheter of Elmwood, the people of the town have no idea that she is the reason, there are filet names hanging on every wall.

This is a recent filet that LaVonne aka" mystery crocheter" just completed, it will be gracing the home of EKSTROM very soon.

She not only crochets them but she also frames them herself. She is more of a mystery then we thought. (I'll be getting a picture of a framed one soon)
We will have to watch and see what else this mischievous mystery crocheter is capable of. Stay tuned!

This is Roy. He is the nicest guy, he shoveled my walk and driveway today. He is one of my favorite people that come in here. Always so helpful, always so kind.

Saturday, November 19, 2005

Rebecca came in today what a nice girl,and the shoes are out of this world. We do need to talk about the shoes, they are just like the shoes in " The Wizard of Oz" only green. Should she be worried about clicking her heels together 3 times and ending up in Kansas.

Aren't these some cute kids they came in with there Mom and Dad for lunch !!!

I am only a building, so I'm not wise about alot of things. It was a great day today alot of people came in today, It feels good to be popular again.
Some knitters came in to buy supplies, and people from the cities came to visit, they have been here before, and said theyd be back. Alot of coffee was drank today, and many meals served,
knitters in the front, folks visiting, excitement in the air. My owner has finally gotten off his lazy
butt and is actually doing some repairs on me. Imagine that!!! Life is Good!!!!!

Oake (who is a regular at the coffee shop) brought these wonderful people in with him today. He wouldn't let me take a picture of him but I will get one some day!!!

Friday, November 18, 2005

Matt brought this picture in of himself knitting. HUMMMMMM. Do you think he is really knitting?

Last night was the knitters night out. What a crowd!!!! No one took any pictures last night. Couldn't believe Jane was so absent minded about the pictures. She did take a picture of the book her and Jesse were almost coming to blows over. Jane ordered this book for the yarn shop and really liked the hat patterns in it and she showed it to Jesse and Jesse bought it. (Jane is sooo weird,like isn't that part of owning a yarn shop) She ordered another one for the shop and one for herself. Now her and Jesse are have a race to see who can make all the hats in the book the fastest. No offense to you knitters out there but I think people who knit are very strange!!!! Oh, and get this! John and Jane went and got a wine license for the resturant, like things aren't strange enough here. Think about this, ladies with sharp sticks drinking wine. I don't know about you but I'm a little nervous.

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

UPS man was here. (Jane always gets very happy when UPS man is here )
anyway he brought lots of LOPI yarn!!!!!!!!!

Lots of Reynolds yarn!!!!!!!!! For some reason Jane was very happy about getting this yarn. I think it's because she loves wool. She said she is going to make a pair of fuzzy feet from the regular lopi yarn. I wish I could have a pair of fuzzy feet, but being a building I have no feet, but if I did I would get me a pair of those fuzzy feet.

I think you can get the pattern from

Saturday, November 05, 2005

Pam (the lady who makes the soap and spins and knits wonderful sweaters) came in to the Emporium today for lunch. Paul Pam's husband has just started raising Highlanders so guess what they had for lunch today? HIGHLANDER BURGERS!!!!!!!!It was such a GREAT day today
Tony came in this morning for coffee. It is alway a great time when Tony comes in!!!
Val came in for coffee this morning too. Val is the Greatest! We are always soooo happy to see Val.

Friday, November 04, 2005

This is Erik buying yarn. I think he settled on cozi, very soft, very green. I think this will be a scarf. Erik is just learning to knit. Real men really do knit!!!!!!!!!!

Last night was KNITTERS NIGHT OUT!!! What fun!!!!!! There were ladies knitting, families eating, men buying yarn, it was a GREAT night. I love it when people come a visit me. (After all it is a little hard for me to get away)
This is Rebeca she has a bead shop across the street and down the road, cute little building. This is her Grand opening week. You go girl!!!!!

These are some of the ladies who knit here on Thursday night KNITTERS NIGHT OUT. Aren't they GREAT!!!! Knit on ladies!!!!

Thursday, November 03, 2005

November is Pumpkin month. Everything pumpkin! Mary has come up with a Pumpkin smoothie made with CC jersey yogurt.

Pam has come up with a pumpkin pie soap. Soap smells good enough to eat!

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Hello, Hello it is I Highland Hollow emporium or as I am lovingly referred to as "The Emporium." Did I tell you that I am the oldest building in Elmwood, Wi.? Anyway, I stood empty for a few years and then John and Jane bought me. Now, I am a very strange place. John roasts coffee here, Mary has a Cafe. Jane sells yarn and spinning wheels, Pam makes soap, Lydia makes willow baskets, Jerome and Joanne make rugs, MJ sells jewelry from Nepal. There are knitting classes and crochet classes (thanks to Jesse and Hayley) John and Jane even sell beef from their farm
here. A lot goes on here. This a picture of the other half of the Emporium.
Anyway, I'm happy things are happening here, it is a lot better than being empty. I will be posting a lot so you will have to stop back and read the blog written from a buildings point of view about the people that come and go here.