Friday, January 19, 2007

OOPS!!!! I stand corrected on the Idol thing. It's suppose to be "Ovine SHETLAND Idol".
Sorry Rosy. Whew!! Rosy sure got mad about THAT little mistake.
Last night was knitters night out and again Jane forgot to take pictures!!!! What can I say, if I had arms I would throw them up.
She did take a picture of Jeffrey and Raven looking over Ravens art work. I love the drawing of the foot, but we all know how much I love and want feet. You must read the comments Jeffrey has written a poem about Audi and Me. You must read it. Jeffrey had to post it on the comments because you know who couldn't figure out how to post it to my blog without typing the whole thing.

She also took pictures of 2 of her sheep
This is Betty and Connie. Aparently "Rosy the wonder ewe" is having a contest on the farm.
"Ovine American Idol" and Betty and Connie just have to try out. The contest is, which sheep can baa to the tune of Black sheep black sheep have you any wool. Will one of these two be the next ovine American Idol? We will see. The judges (Rosy, Angel soft, and Boaz) are really tough they make Simon look like little bo peep!! (and I don't mean Mary Ellen)

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

John roasts coffee on Wednesday night. we had all sorts of visitors this evening. Jane only remembered she had the camera after almost everyone had left. But she did get pictures of Seth the farm dog and Brooklyn's side kick. He has to go most every where she goes. And Britta came to the shop for a visit with her Mom. Who will never let me show her face.
And of course we have Brooklyn.
If you are wondering what this thing is!!! It is the Fiber Trends Hedgehog done in the yarn Brooklyn picked out. Jane knit it and felted it. It was a great pattern. The only problem with it is Brooklyn will not let Jane put the eyes and nose on it. Oh, Well, she really likes it this way.
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Farm pictures!!!! These were taken a couple months ago. This is Jane's old girl Brandy. This is the famous Alices mom from Bluff country Shetlands. She is a real sweetheart. Jane really loves her. She may be old but she stills looks Great.

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Friday, January 05, 2007

OK, Jane very funny. Had to put this on my blog didn't you.

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Here we go, these are some better pictures of the tea. It is wrapped and tied green tea leaves around a blossom. Drop 1 in a wine goblet, fill with steaming water steep and enjoy. Leave in goblet, re-infuse. Jane steeps it in the wine goblet, then serves it in espresso cups. This Jasmine tea is the best Jane and My tea customers have tasted. One blossom had 5 infusions and still tasted wonderful. It did start to fall apart alittle bit. They sell in a pack of 3 for $2.67. Really a very good value. Posted by Picasa

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Whew!!!!!! the holidays are over, inventory is done for the year, (That was rough) Now Jane can get back to a somewhat normal (what ever that is) life and make it all about ME!!!!

We have a new tea in the shop. Yummy!!! Red Flower Jasmine made in a wine glass, it opens into a flower really cool.