Thursday, June 29, 2006

I am allowing Jane to post a farm picture here. This is a Kitty-pi bed that she spun, kool-aid dyed and felted. Her cat Stuart loves the kitty bed in shetland of course.
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Last night was a drop spindle class. The ladies had a really good time spinning with the drop spindles and using the shetland roving. Jane sent the wool to Carothers fiber processing mill in Minnesota. They did a really great job with the roving and pencil roving. They also do quilt batting. Notice Cherri has her mouth open. She sure is going to be mad at Jane (ha ha) Jane is like the worst picture taker.

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Jane is talking about starting a blog for her farm. I say never, never, never. If she starts a blog for the farm she will never write on my blog. I know her. I have decided to let her post farm pictures every now and then or I know she will ditch me for the farm blog for sure.
She finished the cute little purse she was knitting. Posted by Picasa

Friday, June 23, 2006

Jane just found this picture on her camera. I don't see the humor, it's just a little ram lamb. She thinks it's soooo funny she keeps laughing saying something about big ears and how her friend would get a kick out of the picture of the Shetland ram lamb with big ears.
Jane wanted to show you a fleece she's skirting. Looks like a fairly nice fleece. Notice how she had to sneek in a lamb picture. The lambs name is Connie hopefully she'll find a good home. Anyway back to the skirting fleece picture. Notice Janes dorky skirting table? She really needs to buy one of the skirting tables Sheepyhollow has for sale, now that's a NICE table. What's she got there, two saw horses and a kennel gate? If Jerome saw this set up he would be laughing his head off.

It's Friday and Jane is getting ready to shut down for the weekend. She IS making progress on the little beaded purse.
( I bet Brooklyn gets this one too)

Friday, June 16, 2006

I do believe Jane has lost what little mind she has. She dyed a Shetland fleece with Gaywool and kool-aid. She is carding it now, then she plans on spinning what she calls some funky colored yarn. Wool, its just not for sheep anymore.
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Jane is making another beaded knit pendant bag. The needle size is 0000. The last one she made Brooklyn fell in love with and had to have it. The pattern is from Bag Lady press. We will see how Jane progresses on this project. Posted by Picasa
We have more knitting picures!!!! Jane is really on the ball today. Never mind I had to break her down in ways that weren't very pretty.
Cherri is making really cool face cloths.
Jesse of course is working on another shawl for her shawl room.
These bad boys are waiting to be felted for Janes dad for a belated Birthday gift. Happy Birthday Dad!!!! Posted by Picasa
Gloria learns to knit!!!!!!!

These fine folks are friends of John and Jane. They came up from California with other friends of John and Janes. to have a memorial service for a very fine person, Suzanne who also was a dear friend of John and Janes.
Gloria and Loyal
standing in my front door way. Don't we look great? As far as buildings go I think I'm GREAT. The humans aren't bad either Posted by Picasa

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Here we are almost a month later than my last post. This is what I've been hearing from guess who.

I'm tired.
I forgot the camera.
It's hot.
It's cold.
It's summer.
I'm fragile.
please don't hurt me.
I have to run a yarn shop.
I don't have time.
please don't hurt me.

Let me tell you she better get that camera chop chop and take pictures of knitters tonight or else.