Friday, July 28, 2006

Jane finally gets her UFO burger and beer. Notice a UFO burger has cheese and sauerkraut on it? Jane the dork adds pickles and mustard. She waits every year for a UFO burger and a beer!
These are the UFO can coolers. If anyone would like her to pick one up for you she will. Jane has several UFO can coolers. These are some of the people that made it possible for Jane to get her UFO burger and beer. This is Larry the beer guy.
These are some of the other good people that made it possible. (Notice Mike buying a UFO burger himself)
And of course Steve (the guy on the lower right) he takes the money from John to make it all possible for Jane to get her UFO burger and beer. Every thing is right in the world. Jane has gotten her UFO burger, she is very happy!!! Posted by Picasa
While we are waiting for Jane to get her UFO burger and beer. (they don't start the ufo burgers until 5:00) I will post more pictures. Did you all know I have a thing for shoes? I love cool shoes. I think it's because I don't have feet. I guess I'm a bit jealous. So I make Jane take pictures of peoples feet if I like the shoes. HA HA I hate to say it but it has gotten her in trouble a time or two. Imagine: Hey, the Emporium really likes your feet, can I take a picture? I can hardly wait for someone to punch her in the nose. That would be sooooo cool. I would make her take a picture! Anyway, these are some cool shoes. UFO souvenir stand and information. Cool!

Here's Brooklyn yesterday ringing the neck of the little alien guy. Isn't she just the cutest? Posted by Picasa
It's Friday!!! The start of UFO DAYS in Elmwood, Wi. There is a little shop across the street from me that sells gifts, beads, etc. Charmed Gifts They have some UFO stuff over there. I bet they will be seeing lots of aliens this weekend. Posted by Picasa
Last night was knitters night out. I can't believe these ladies knit and spin in this heat. Amy's working on a winter dinosaur hat. Jesse is still working on flurty ruffles. Cherri is starting a sweater for a toddler, and Jane is working on another of the beaded mini bags.  Posted by Picasa

Thursday, July 27, 2006

This is Dylan, Janes beloved ram of many years and his buddy Boaz. Dylan is really slowing down this year, she is worried he won't last much longer and probably not be up to breeding very many ewes this fall. Soooo
She has a new little ram named William who came from Kimberwood Shetlands
William has some of the bloodlines Jane has been looking for.

And another ram she will be using this fall. His name is Curtis. Curtis is a son of Dylan. (she just can't stand the thought of Highland Hollow Farms not having a son of Dylans on the place) A very sad thing happened on a farm of a good friend of Janes. A wonderful ewe named Panda
died. She was a great ewe. Karen of Twinbrooks is lucky to have a decendent of Panda.

OK Jane enough farm stuff. You WILL be posting shop stuff later. I tell ya sharing a blog with Highland Hollow Farms is really getting tough, Have you noticed that there is not alot of shop stuff anymore????? It is really becoming a farm blog. That is going to STOP. I demand MORE than equal time. GOT THAT!!!! After all the blog WAS mine ,the EMPORIUM. It was always suppose to be about ME ME ME. oops, did I say that out loud? I have to watch it. MJ (Janes Cousin) has been talking intervention and anger management. Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Elmwood is being invaded by ALIENS!!!!!!
This weekend is UFO days in Elmwood, Wi. Every little town has to have an event that they are famous for. My little town is famous for a sighting of ufo's back in the 70's. (Might I add it was in a corn field after the bars closed) but, none the less my little town is one of the ufo capitals of the world. alot of towns people were even featured on Phil Donahue. There is a video you can check out at the public library that has all the broadcasts pertaining to the sighting, It was a really big thing back in the 70's to have an actual sighting of ufo's.

Now alot of the shops have little alien people all over them. I made Jane go out and take some pictures so you could see.
Of course did Jane dress me up for UFO days?????? Of course NOT. All she cares about is the UFO burger and a beer. I'm sure you'll be seeing pictures of that on Friday when the food tent opens. This is the 28th year that Elmwood has been celebrating UFO days. I'm planning on having a really great time. Posted by Picasa
Now, I will let Jane post some farm pictures, only because I can't stand the whining. Cute little peacock chick found a very good home. Now she has this pair of peacocks that are both a yr. old for sale. $25.00 dollars each or $45.00 for the pair. Everyone in the household is starting to complain about all the peacocks living on and around the house. (She is only suppose to be keeping her original pair). These two are very tame they will eat bread out of your hand. But they have to go to a new home.
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Friday, July 21, 2006

These are some of the ladies Jane has coffee with every morning. Betty
And Rosy.
Rosy has alot of issues. Rosy has to have her forhead on Janes knee (reason why head is lifted) at all times and be petted constantly, if you stop petting her she rams your knee. We are working on that bad behavior. Posted by Picasa
Now for Farm stuff. I really do not like sharing a blog with the farm, but I don't have a choice now that other Shetland people have started blogging. I wish there was a way to stop it, but the Shetland blogging madness has taken hold of the World Wide Web and, as we all know once something has taken hold of the World Wide Web it can NEVER be stopped. And, these Shetland people love to live and breathe Shetlands. It's enough to make me want to start pulling my bricks out.
But I will be kind today. Some people are starting to mention "Anger Management" around me, I'm not sure I like the sound of that. Anyway, Brooklyn is helping Jane (remember Brooklyn is only 3) try to understand fleece. This is Tillie's wool sheared off this spring.
Is this double coated ?
Jane hates to sound stupid. But she is!!!!!!!! Posted by Picasa
Last night was knitters night out. Apparently Jane made such an impression last week with the ladies pictures, that she is no longer allowed to take pictures of the ladies faces, only what they are working on. Way to go Jane.
Notice the Ole and Lena joke book? God help us all!!!
Cherri is still working on the pie are square shawl. Chin up Cherri, one row at a time! Posted by Picasa

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Ok all you sheep people out there,( If any sheep people read this blog.) Jane wants you to know she is trying really hard to study the Scrapie thing and she found this website that will probably take her years to read, but she thought was kinda nifty. Time to insert another picture of her favorite lamb born this yr.
Moonstone and her two daughters Flopsy and Mopsy. (Brooklyn likes these names) got really bored waiting for Jane to get the camera ready, so they walked away. If I had feet I'd walk away, too!!!
Jane has been getting into some really cool blogs. Some people are doing knit alongs. Jane wants to do a knit alongs. This is what she wants to knit a chicken hat. I can't believe it a human who wants a chicken hat. So if you want to do a chicken hat knit along with Jane go for it.

Monday, July 17, 2006

Jane is back from her workshop. But can you guess she forgot to take pictures, she did remember the camera. but totally forgot to take a single picture. It was so hot that day 100 degrees and these ladies still could not stop playing with wool, either on or off the body of the little sheep. Nancy has a lovely flock of shetland sheep. There were sheep coming and going at Nancy K's. I was surprised they did as well in the heat as they did.
Jane did get to meet some really cool ladies and she did buy the book. Hopefully we will be seeing pictures of her progress. As for now it is HOT, HOT, HOT outside right now.

Friday, July 14, 2006

It's Friday afternoon and Jane is getting ready to close my doors, and of course we have one more of her favorite lambs born this yr. This is "Curtis" Connie's twin.
John and Jane are taking the motorhome to "Bluff Country Shetlands" for a MSSBA meeting and a workshop on making a braided rug with roving.
It should be alot of fun. I know Jane is really excited about meeting with other sheepy people. She sure likes her sheep and the people that raise these little Shetlands. Really what is it about these little sheep that make people so crazy for them? Did you see what Jane did I think she figured out a new thing, now if it actually works. I am so proud of you Jane If you get this to work it will open a whole new world for me er...... I mean you. Posted by Picasa
This is Cherri last night at knitters night-out. Jane thinks Cherri likes her as a friend. Ha Ha Cherri really likes ME. She loves my brick, my windows, my chairs, my tables, She loves my knitting shop, my spinning shop. She just loves me me me!!! Poor Jane, she has no idea, she is clueless. I own Jane, she works for me, people come to see me, not her. Someday Jane will be a good slave.
Anyway, back to Cherri, Cherri is a really great knitter she is still making those really cool face cloths from Fiber Trends, only now she is using the Euroflax which is really cool.
Anyway, I sure love these knitters and spinners. They are all pretty cool.  Posted by Picasa
Last night was knitters night out. These ladies are doing some really strange things with wool!!! Guess who made this little number? Lets see what should we call this? Jesse's alter ego? or my Little Mermaid after a really hard night? Jesse is really getting good at needle felting. Jane calls her the rain man of lace, soon it will be the rain man of needle felting. The girl is a fiber artist genius.
Amy, Amy what can we say about Amy. Amy is really a jewelry designer, but she loves to knit and create fun things. She is trying to design a mobile for a new baby, Jesse thought needle felting littles things would be cute, Jane thought little breasts would be nice. Lets see breasts on a crib mobile, I think Jane might have something, maybe she's not so dumb after all. What little baby wouldn't love a needle felted breast mobile hanging over thier crib.
Chris is spinning and knitting like she has been doing it all her life. She is just one of those special people that can do anything right away. She is knitting on a tube sock. Cool!!!

This is Jesse, needle felting little tiny animals and stabing herself every once in awhile. needle felting is not for the squeamish. Be very careful ladies needle felting can be dangerous. Posted by Picasa

Thursday, July 13, 2006

I'm starting to see a pattern here. I think they are ALL her favorites. This is Connie and Betty. Jane says these are her favorites. How many more are there, Jane!!!!
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This is Janes favorite little ewe born this yr. Her name is Mopsy. Posted by Picasa