Saturday, December 31, 2005

Yesterday, John had Gabe and Isaac come to fix my lights. The knitters will be happy, they had to move their table under some lights because the lights in their area burned out. They will be happy the lights are working again. These guys did a real good job, they even fixed my leaky faucet.

Hayley and Matt are having coffee. Hayley has been helping Rebecca count beads at her shop across the street.

Neal and his kids came and shoveled the snow off my side walk. They are the nicest family. Neal and Raven are the ones that painted the signs on my windows.

Friday, December 30, 2005

Jesse brought her Sock knitting machine in to knitters night out last night. It was so cool the way you can make socks on the antique machine. John won one on Ebay, he is asking Jesse to help him get it going so he can make socks too. John will be bringing his sock machine to knitters night out next week so hopefully Jesse can help him get the sock machine working.

Jane is working on the "pie are square" shawl. I'm not a big fan of the yarn or color she has chosen to make the shawl , but you know it is Jane we are talking about here. I'll think she'll have it off the needles in about another week. Then we will see if she got the pie to work.

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas. I hope presents were good. Family and friends were fun and everyone got enough to eat. John got Jane a camera for Christmas, what a joke. She sure is having a hard time understanding it! She did take pictures of her favorite cats. She has been whining about letting me put them on the blog. I told her how I feel about cats. Being a building is really a bummer because all the local tom cats like to spray on ya, really really makes me mad. I hate the smell! I did tell her that this one time I would let her put her stupid cats on my blog. She does love her cats. Next she'll be wanting to post pictures of her sheep, cattle, peacocks and I know she is going to try and sneak a picture of the border collie on the blog. She would have one on already but she's really having a hard time figuring out the new camera.

Brooklyn and Cassandra are drawing at the game table. Aren't they just the cutest. Brooklyn is John and Janes Granddaughter and of course every one knows Cassandra. Cassandra is the local marble champ.

Saturday, December 24, 2005

It is Christmas Eve in Elmwood, Wi. It is a great day!
The little trees will be taken down next week and put away in my basement. There is a new year coming 2006.
I really want to thank all the people that come to the Emporium and support the shop. I think I have the best customers in the world. Without the people that come in here I would be just an empty shell. THANK YOU so much. All these people mean so much to me. Someday I will make Jane take pictures of all the people that walk thru the door and I will have her write the things I want her to write. But, you have to understand what I have to put up with here. If you only knew you would feel so sorry for me. Here I go,I wasn't going to say anything bad, it is Christmas you know. Time for love and happiness and all that neat stuff. But, really!!!! Change of subject now. We will talk later.

Katharine came in this afternoon to finish up her last minute Christmas shopping. She bought lots of coffee, lots of LaVonnes crocheted ornaments and some teas.

This is a picture of Katharine and her beautiful daughter K2. They are playing around with the prairie bonnets. Silly girls!

Tony, Brennen, and John have a checkers game going this morning. They were having a really fun time.
John says checkers in the morning. Chess at night.

Life is good here ! I hope all of you have a Merry Christmas!!!
I know I will, soon everyone will be gone, the lights will be turned off, the heat turned down. John and Jane will be going home to have a quiet Christmas eve, and I will be here watching the town settle in for the night. Merry Christmas everyone

Friday, December 23, 2005

Finally Jane has gotten her act together enough to write on the blog. It HAS been over a week! I had to wrestler her down and hold her captive in the office until she gets to work on writing. you should have seen her begging and crying and carrying on like a big baby. I had to bitch slap her a couple times to make her get it together. Now its all good, she's typing away every little word I have for her to say. (evil building laugh)

A lot had happened this week.
I will start with the fun stuff. Leah and Brooklyn came in this past week. ( Leah another one who doesn't want her picture taken) We had a good time.
Check out the cool shoes. I really like shoes. Maybe it's cuz I can't wear them.

Jerry and Joanne came in this week to replenish their rug supply. They weave all the rugs at the Emporium. They are the nicest rugs, and the nicest people. They have been selling a lot of rugs this week for Christmas presents. Good job you guys.

Paul and Pam came in for coffee! What are they doing to that bag of coffee? Are they kissing it or smelling it. What ever they are doing I think should only be done in the privacy of their own home. Good grief

Val and her Granddaughter Danielle came in for lunch! Good people. I really like Danielles hair, way cool hair.

Now, for such sadness, that is too much too bear.
Kyle was killed while out in a convoy by a roadside bomb in Iraq.
He is missed by his wife and little daughter.
He is missed by the people and buildings in this town.
He always wanted to make a difference and I say he did.
He was a GREAT man!!!!!

I wish everyone could just come home now!

I would like to wish all you humans out there a wonderful, safe, and very merry Christmas!

Saturday, December 10, 2005

Last night Matt and Cassandra were having a marble shooting contest. Guess who won!!!!Can you tell by her face!!!! Matt got beat by a small female child. Everyone in the Emporium is still talking about it as we speak. They were having so much fun. We will be having another marble shooting contest soon.

Anna won the guess the weight of the giant pumpkin contest. Her guess was 946 lbs. The weight of the giant pumpkin was 937lbs her prize was a lb of Johns really great coffee.

Some ladies from a church came in to day to get a prayer shawl ministry going, this was their first meeting. I hope it goes really well for them.

Friday, December 09, 2005

Diane came into the Emporium today. She is Janes neighbor and friend. They talked and had coffee. Jane was happy to see Diane, even though they are neighbors and friends they don't get to see each other very often.

Last night was the knitters night out!!!! What fun! These girls just laugh and laugh at the strangest things but they seem to be having fun and as long as no one gets hurt its OK with me!
there was a new face last night and one I haven't seen for awhile.

It was good to have Jan back at knitters night out. She spun the yarn for the sweater she's working on. Looks really nice.

Katharine was working on embroidery. Something for her new baby Granddaughter.

It was a GREAT time!!!

Thursday, December 08, 2005

Last night was a really good time. Cassandra and her Mother came in for supper and games. I think Cassandra beat John at Uno several times.

Cassandra found a horn that was for sale at the emporium, it has been there along time. Cassandra picked up that horn and started blowing and making music with that horn like she had been playing it all her life. She could call out the Calvary.

Wait, is that Mary behind Johns arm? Why is she always hiding? Someday we will find out.

Would you look at this???? It is the mischievous Mystery Crocheter! Would you look at what she is doing! Is she smothering those Christmas trees with her crochet flakes?

Someone should really call 911. I think she means to harm that tree.

Sheri was in looking at the selection of knitting books Jane has in the back of the knitting shop. Sheri is getting pretty into knitting these days. She working on some really cool stuff.

Yesterday was a great day.

We'll have to see what happens tonight!
I'll keep you posted. (no pun intended) ha ha

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Saturday was a very busy spinning day at the Emproium. These wonderful children, their mothers and Pam , (cool lady in the back with drop spindle) came in to try their hands at spinning wool into yarn. It was a lot of fun!!!!
Pam has been spinning for many many years on her Louet, now she wants to try a drop spindle. Very tricky!!!

Friday, December 02, 2005

Sandra and Cassandra came in for Supper last night. Steve you have the nicest family!!!!!
look at that smile!!!!!! We all miss you and we pray for you and your family always.

These are the knitters

Last night was "knitters night out" Jane remembered to take pictures. (finally) These are some of the ladies that come to the knitters night out. I wait all week to see these cool ladies, they always seem to have a really great time knitting and visiting with each other.

Haley and John are having a big political debate. I had know idea that the presidents name was "Bush". It's been along time since politics have been discussed here. I thought the President was Teddy Roosevelt. Silly me!!! It's 2005 not 1912, my how time flies. So much to catch up on.

Patricia came in to show off her "Lucy bag" To bad Jane can't take a decent picture. Patricia is such a nice looking woman and Jane has her all blurry.

Wait a minute is that Mary in the background? This is the only other picture of Mary we have. Mary will never let you take her picture because she thinks it will take a little bit of her soul, Yet she will show her feet! I bet your thinking hey whats up with the stool? Mary is a very short person. John says she is vertically challenged, but I think she's trying to attain great heights with little success. Hence the stool!