Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Jane has been so busy this week she hasn't been able to write, I've been so busy I can't even make her. We will just post pictures of some of the happenings. Tuesday the St. Paul Pioneer press went out to John and Janes farm and did an article about them. Wednesday the spinning group "Hot babes with wheels" came to spin. Thursday the newspaper photographer came and took pictures. The knitters meet for their night out. Friday night was the first wine and music extravaganza. Jane's brother Jason and his family came for the music which was awesome. Anita was the featured singer and she is wonderful. Saturday was wonderful lots of people.
Kids were having a great time in the shop.

Janes starting a new knitting group.
"Chatter Box" a knitting group for girls and boys ages 5-13 yrs old on Saturday mornings 10-noon. They have to know basic knitting skills. This is a place THEY can come and share knitting ideas and show off their stuff, just like the lady's at" knitters night out."
Should be fun.

Friday, January 20, 2006

Yesterday the yarn shop got new yarn in from a really nice llama lady named Kay from Valley View Acres. Her yarn is really nice and very reasonably priced. She has a lot of Llamas.

Pie are Square shawl is off the needles. Needed is lace edging and blocking. Jane is sooooo glad, the thing is a monster.

Kristen the widow of Kyle has a request for toys to go to Afghanistan, They must be intack, and clean. The toys best served are small, easily shipped or hand carried items: ie, match box cars, balls, small stuffed animals etc. They can be gently used as well. Being that these children have nothing and no storage whatsoever, small things serve best.
the toys can be shipped to:
John Ferguson
450th civil Affairs BN
DynCorp site 2
destination fox
APO AE 09356
or can be dropped off at:
Highland Hollow Emporium
105 S. Main
po box 42
Elmwood, wi. 54740

This is a good way to remember our people and help the children that have to live with war day after day.
Wanted: New human to take pictures and write what I tell them to on my blog!!!! Jane has got to go!!!! I will keep her on until I can find a better human to do my bidding.Have you noticed I have not been on line for awhile? Where do you think I've been? Florida? I can't walk remember! I am a building in Elmwood, Wi. Can I go anywhere? I don't think soooo. She should have been writing on my blog. She should have been taking pictures of my people. She says she forgot the camera AGAIN! I ask you how many times can she keep using the same excuse? I am feeling the need to punish her.

Anyway, Mary had her family come in for coffee. They are a great bunch.

They laughed and had about 10 conversations going at once ,it was great. Made my roof spin.

Jane is spinning Dylan her favorite rams wool into yarn to make a
sweater for herself. Today she is hoping to get the "pie are square shawl" off the needles so she can start on the lace. When she gets it done I will have her, no I will make her take a picture of it.
She got alot more yarn in today. She does like the yarn.

I think she has lost her mind getting back into tatting and bobbin lace. No one likes tatting and bobbin lace!!! Do they?
Anyway it is nice to be back. I'll be making Jane post again later today. We have important things to talk about.

Saturday, January 14, 2006

Keith was in this morning to have coffee with Matt. Doesn't he looked shocked that Jane would take his picture? I just love the look on his face.

I love the camouflage afghan The mystery crocheter is working on. It is so cool the picture doesn't do it justice. I'm so glad she wasn't knitting today.

We finally got a picture of Oake today. What do you think?
hat and guitar. That is all you will ever see of Oake. We tried to get his shoes in the picture but he would have none of that, he has the coolest shoes.

Just a note about John he is recovering nicely from his hernia repair. We are all trying to be especially nice to him while he is healing.

Things are going really good at the Emporium, knitters are knitting, crocheters are crocheting, coffee drinkers are drinking. (Jane is starting to be obedient again) People are coming and going. Laughing and crying. It is good to be full of people again. I hope some day all the buildings in Elmwood will be full and happy like me.

Saturday, January 07, 2006

Well, well, well, Jane remembered to bring the camera in. Can't believe it! I was kinda hoping she wouldn't remember, I was planning her demise, but she did bring in the camera so I have some pictures of today. It was really busy in the shop today so she didn't get a chance to take a lot of pictures.
Anyway, these wonderful girls came in today for lattes. They are really cool girls. Rachel is trying to find her coffee drink, her signature coffee beverage. We will try lots of coffee til we discover her special signature coffee drink.

Cassandra and Faye were in for lunch. Faye and Cassandra hang out together while their mothers are working. They sure are nice girls.

Poor Cassandra has such a cold, look at this poor girls nose. Mary has been trying to get her to drink tea. But you know how that goes.

Well would you look at the Mystery crocheter. She has now gone to the dark side. She has started knitting. I can't believe it. Of all the people that come in here I thought she would stay true to her craft. The mischievous mystery crocheter. (sigh) I hope we don't have to rename her, I kinda like the" mischievous mystery crocheter. " She did buy some really cool yarn today and she did say she was going to crochet it. Maybe there is still hope.

John has a hernia and is going in Wednesday to have it fixed. Poor John. Jane will be driving him so she won't be blogging for me probably until Thursday. So I guess I won't be being heard from for a few days. I hope you all have a nice weekend.

Friday, January 06, 2006

I hope everyone has had a nice beginning to 2006! Can you believe another year has come and gone? Jane has been a very naughty girl. She has forgotten the camera 2 days in a row. I am not happy! I told her yesterday to post on my blog even thought she didn't have any pictures to post. She said it wouldn't be interesting without pictures of the people. I said I didn't really care that she should type what I say anyway. She promised she would bring the camera in today and take pictures. Guess what people (and you other buildings out there) she forgot AGAIN!!! I am trying to remain calm. I am trying not to hurt her. This human is sooooo unorganized and forgetful, how she has made it this far is beyond me. The parents of Jane if you are reading this you deserve a metal, and lets not for get John, he deserves to be sainted. I tell ya I don't know how mush I can take. If she didn't work so cheap she would have been down the road a long time ago. I will let her post 1 picture of her cows, because I have no choice. I WANT PICTURES!! This is a picture of her Highland cow "Topanga" she likes her cows. Good grief a human with pet cows.
Wait a minute do you think she ment to do this? I think she is trying to pull something here. She knows this blog is suppose to be all about ME and only ME!
Anyway back to stuff about the Emporium. Even without pictures I am the coolest place to be. Jane got more yarn in today. The UPS man is starting to get a little nervous, she acts so giddy when he brings yarn. John was reading a joke to the diners last night he was laughing so loud he was snorting. If you can find it on the net it is really funny. Search for :Vanity- the chili contest it is so funny. The knitters were really quiet last night. Jesse was gone! Jesse brings a lot of humor to the ladies at knitters night out or SNB. Heather tried spinning for the first time last night and did a very good job. All and All things are good. Except for Jane, I don't know what I'm going to do with her, if she doesn't bring that camera tomorrow I will have to punish her.