Saturday, June 23, 2007

Today Elmwood is haveing an Expo craft fair in the Auditorium.(the love of my life, but she dumped me, another time we will talk about it.) John, Chris, and Mel are at the expo while Jane is staying here with me. I wonder if Jane knows John is at the Expo flirting with all the ladies, naughty boy.

Chris and Mel seem to be selling alot of food and coffee at the expo. Good for them, but they better not be getting use to not being here. I will let you know I'm not real happy about being here alone with you know who?!
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Toe-up socks on the magic loop!!! You should have heard Jane working on this little piece of extravaganza. (trying not to laugh to hard) I think she has ripped this out 15 times before she finally got the hang of it. She's only been working on it off and on for about 6 weeks, and look how far she is. The yarn was getting worn out. Anyway she's happy now she has a handle on the short rows. Whew, nice yarn though, It's Treeking.
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Mary came into knit and have some of John's new Organic Bolivian coffee. Apparently Organic coffee is really becoming a big thing. Each country only has a handful of Organic coffee farmers so when the crop is gone, it is gone till the next harvest. I know John has been running out of alot of coffee and won't be able to get it again until the next harvest. Timor is gone and that was everyone in the shops favorite, but this Bolivian is wonderful and selling fast. I know Jane drinks enough of it. (I wonder if John knows how much coffee this girl drinks.) I suppose it could be worse it could be beer or wine.

Raven comes in and drinks tea. I like it when Raven comes in with her friends and has a cup of tea.
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Houston, we have a problem! Jane has not been blogging like the good little slave she is.
she has been spinning. She spun Rosy the Wonder ewe's wool right off her back, yikes! She than washed it in the skein. The top picture is all greasy and dirty.
The bottom picture is all clean and dry. Should she dye it or leave it natural? She wants to make some fingerless gloves to keep her hands warm this winter while she types on my blog, bless her heart.
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Friday, June 15, 2007

Brooklyn came into the shop yesterday to make a bracelet and ankel bracelet. She sure is growing.

Britta came into the shop yesterday too. Britta has found her feet. Britta knows how much I love feet, just look at those wonderful little baby feet.

Now, I have to show you my little garden I have in the alley behind me. Jane has been promising me a bench and flowers in this garden. I ask you do you see a bench and flowers in my garden?????? I see 3 pathetic plants she brought from the farm as an after thought and lots and lots of WEEDS. I noticed at her farm the gardens are nicely weeded. Why oh why do I have to put up with this? Look at my driveway!!! Someone has got to stop the madness. She better start fixing up my driveway and garden or else. I know I said I would stop yelling at her but I just can't she drives me crazy.
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Thursday, June 14, 2007

There, Jane has made me look alittle better. I will stop yelling at her now.

It's getting harder and harder to get Jane to post anymore.
But I can be very demanding!!!!
Part of the reason is she's reading this book she checked out at the library (to cheap to buy the book) Knitting under the influence. by Claire Lazebnik. She is either reading, knitting, spinning or talking to customers when she should be doing the things I want her to do. Anyway
A new place is opening in Maiden Rock called Vino in the valley. and they are going to be selling John's coffee there. The coffee is now in more and more establishments. People seem to really be liking the coffee in my shop.

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Jane can't stop making these cupcake dishcloths. They seem to be making her happy and they seem to be on her diet.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Tonight is John roasting coffee, and little girls wanting to learn to knit!!!! What fun.

Friday, June 01, 2007

Jane is trying to start a farm blog. Guess what???? Things are not going good for her with that. (surprise, surprise). She ended up deleting my profile. not a good thing!!! needless to say I was really upset. My blog doesn't look the same and I'm alittle ticked. She keeps trying to get it together. I'm not going to hold my breath.