Thursday, September 28, 2006

See my beautiful Audi? Her and I are going bowling tonight. She has her own bowling alley. I can't wait. See how nice her bricks line up? I tell ya she is one nicely put together building. Posted by Picasa
Some really cool people have been coming into the shop! This really cute couple came form St. Paul, Mn. This is Lauren and Emily. John and Jane had a great time visiting with them. I hope they come again.

This is Tyler learning to knit! You go girl! Jane thinks everyone should knit. The world would be a better place. (I think the world would be a better place if it were run by buildings)

These really cool people are from Seattle, Wa. Gene and Joyce. They were so nice. I hope when they are back in Wisconsin they come again for a visit. I wish Audi and I could go visit them. But alas, we have no feet.
Some wonderful knitting pictures Jane found on the internet. I love the internet. Isn't it great for knitting stuff?!

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Friday, September 15, 2006

Last night was knitter night out. I was kinda looking out the window half listening to the knitters blah, blah, blah when I noticed the top of a building I had never noticed before. I yelled Jane run over across the street and down the block and take a picture of that building around the corner. She starts whining! I'm knitting do I have to go NOW! I said yes yes go take a picture of that building. I have to see her!!!! NOW. Here she is, isn't she beautiful? Her name is Audi Torium. I am in LOVE!
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Can you tell Jane is still not allowed to take pictures of faces? Jesse is spinning a fleece off one of Pam's wonderful Romney sheep, it is so soft, I can't wait to see what Jesse makes with it Poor Cherri still working on Pie are square shawl. Will it ever end. One row at a time girl.
Deb is making a sock. I'm not sure what the Lopi is going to be.
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Time for the dreaded farm stuff. Here we have "Rosy" the wonder ewe. Jane has now reduced her price to $60.00 Jane says she has 4 different kinds of sheep on her farm. Show quality, breeding quality, pet quality and freezer quality. Rosy is on the fast track to being freezer quality. (I the Emporium will never let that happen) So she can jump gates!! So what!!! These little green gates are no match for Rosy the wonder ewe. She only wants to be where the humans are, is that any reason to drop the price or start talking about the freezer? I don't think so! If it was Connie, Shrek or Flopsy her precious little perfect Shetlands she would just get taller gates. But because it happen to be Rosy one of my favorite sheep. Rosy who has attitude, intelligence, and grace. Rosy the wonder ewe. She starts talking freezer. Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Today is a great day. Jane's spinning group "Hot Babes with wheels" came in to spin and knit this morning. It was alot of fun. A few years back in 1999 Jane was having a hard time thinking of names for her lambs that were born that year so she came up with this great idea to name the lambs after the ladies in her spinning group. So there was Margaret, Kitty, Donna, Jennifer, and Sheri. If turned out to not be a very good idea. Mary Ellen bought Donna, Kitty, and Sheri, then joined the spinning group "Hot Babes with wheels" Jane and Mary Ellen would constantly be talking about the breeding habits of Sheri, Kitty and Donna. Much to the embarassment of the group. (No one likes to have thier breeding habits talked about in public) Jane learned a valuable lesson. Never name sheep after friends!!!!! Posted by Picasa
Jane decided to come back from Jefferson, Wi. The sheepy thing she went to was really fun. There were so many WONDERFUL Shetland sheep at this show she wanted to show pictures of all the sheep but I won't let her because it is not about me. So I will let her post 3 pictures of the wool festival at Jefferson. John wanted to post a picture of his good friend Patrick showing sheep. Patrick sure did a really good job. And a big shout out to Mary Ellens little ewe that got "Best fleece on hoof" Way, to go you wonderful little woolly beasts.
These wonderful Shetlands are from Bluff country Shetlands. These are some fine Shetlands that won some nice ribbons.
One of the cutest little shetlands was from Juliann's flock she looked like she had black lipstick on, very gothic. (only 3 pictures remember?)

Oh, and Jane got a 1st place ribbon on her double-coated fleece. Posted by Picasa

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Well Well Well, Jane has finally lost her mind. She is going to leave early tomorrow. I hope you realize that means she is going to close my shop early. Do you think I'm real happy about that? She says she is going to some sheep thing! Can you believe it? She has the nerve to close early on a Friday to go to some sheep function, I am so sick of hearing about her farm and sheep I could pull my bricks out. Oh, and remember Rosy?

Sweet, innocent, smart, does nothing wrong Rosy is now for sale for a measly $75.00 (with gift of course) can you believe it?!? The only ewe I like of the whole bunch, the only ewe that would do what I would do, is now being offered for sale for only $75.00. Do you what to know why? all because she bumped Connie alittle bit. Connie the big baby! She should get rid of Connie for $75.00, Connie can't take it, the little squeler. Rosy, poor Rosy look how innocent she is. Look at the gleam in her eyes. (not to be confused with the look of SATAN) Always, getting blamed for others short comings. Oh, life is not fair.

Friday, September 01, 2006

Wow!!!!!!! can you believe it is already Sept. 1st??????? Where did the summer go? Time is moving way to fast.
We are starting to get busy again. Whew! This summer was really really slow in town. It was so slow in fact Mary had to quit the Cafe. So for the summer all we had was coffee and tea. John did some baking but he hasn't had time to do any baking lately. Which is ok since both these guys are on diets. Oh, and I suppose your wondering "well, can't Jane cook?" well, NOOOOOO Jane can't cook!!! serious. Jane can't cook or bake. She can hardly handle being the "Barista". And, really I'm not kinding. Ask some of my regular customers. The ladies that come in for knitters night out are afraid to ask her to make them any coffee drinks. She has shown them all how to make there own tea. Her favorite customer in the whole world was Gordy and he moved. It was so sad when he left. He got to the point where he would come in make his own Americano, ring himself up at the register, do his own dishes then leave. Jane always said he was the perfect customer. When Mary did have the Cafe' and it got busy Jane would be the waitress (and I use the term loosely) She was the WORST waitress on earth. And, I am not kinding about that either. Two guys came in and said that they drove an hour because they heard about this waitress in Elmwood. They heard how bad she was and had to see for themselves. It wasn't long after they were in that a new resturant opened in the cities calling themselves "The bad waitress cafe". They took alot of Janes bad waitressing skills and created a whole resturant theme. Anyway, hopefully the cafe will open again with a new waitress. Until then,In my little coffee and tea shop There are 39 different kinds of tea. This little cup brewed up here is Honeybush, which is really not a tea but an herb from South Africa it is very invigorating but caffeine-free. Very Yummy! Posted by Picasa
Knitting stuff! Jane finished one of the double knit mittens, Hopefully, she will get the 2nd one done It took her a long time to get the first one done, not that it was hard to do, she (Jane) just tends to get bored really fast. The yarn is shetland black on the inside and cuff, spun single. The outside is 2 ply shetland moorit. I think these will be some very warm mittens. Now, for the fun shetland yarn. She's making a hat and mitten set. Kinda fun.
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Jesse's Flurty ruffles is done and blocked. Man can that girl knit lace or what?!? Posted by Picasa