Wednesday, August 22, 2007

The Shetland yarn has finally arrived. Jane is sooo happy. It took a long time to get but it turned out really nice. Thank you Carothers .
4 fleeces, 2 done worsted, 2 done lace. Very nice spinning. Price was very reasonable. Brooklyn is holding 15 skeins of "Princess" 180 yards spun lace. Yummy, Yummy.
On the table we have worsted "Tanzy", "Gidget" Lace "Black Star", and "Princess".

Friday, August 17, 2007

Jane had a stowaway in her knitting bag this morning. So today we have a very special guest at the Emporium. It is MOLLY B.
Molly B. is a very special. This doll was given to Jane by her cousin MJ when she was about 6 years old MJ gave Molly B. her name. MJ loves Molly B. Jane likes to use Molly B. to get what she wants from MJ. One time Jane had a little too much wine (nooo I hear you say NOT Jane) MJ took Jane's wine and hid it. Jane went and got Molly B. and said MJ give me back my wine or the doll GETS it. MJ cries NOOOOO not MOLLY B. please Jane don't hurt Molly B. I'll get your wine, sure enough Jane got her wine back lickety split. Now on the farm blog I see Jane is using Molly B. again to have MJ up for a visit, no wonder Molly B. came to me "the Emporium" and stowed away in her knitting bag. Molly B. knows I can hold my own with Jane.
John and Brooklyn look down the fence that got wrecked in the storm. I tell ya if it wasn't for the 4 year old nothing would get done around here.

Leah and Britta are checking out the yarn. Leah doesn't knit or crochet or any crafty stuff, but she sure likes to have Jane make stuff. She's planning Afghans for both the girls. Jane better get those needles flying!

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Well Kids, it's Wednesday that means that John is roasting coffee. All the humans LOVE coffee, (these humans anyway). People seem to be wanting a DARK roast, the darkest John can roast it. I wonder what that means?!?
Look what happened to my fence!!!!!! The storm took it down. John has been talking about taking it down and putting up a better one (yea like that would ever happen. How long has Jane been saying she was going to give me a cute little garden.)
New yarn for the yarn shop. Linen and more sock yarn. I didn't want to say anything but have you noticed on the sock yarn picture that something looks a little odd. Can you guess who took the picture and set it up???? need I say more!!!!!!
More socks for Jane's dog to chew and unravel.

Thursday, August 09, 2007

Jane, what have you been doing????? Good thing I have a yarn shop. Her Border Collie puppy Kallie likes to chew up the knitting needles. It's always the most expensive needles too.

Friday, August 03, 2007

stupid quiz doens't work GRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!
coffee quiz!!!!">I am 98% Addicted to Coffee

Thursday, August 02, 2007

It was that time of year again!!! You guessed it UFO days in Elmwood, Wi. Tony can hardly wait, neither can Jane, remember last yr. (should be in the archives) She could hardly wait to get her ufo burger and beer. She made such a fool of herself. I had to blush, honestly my bricks got redder, I wouldn't let her take her camera this year to get her UFO burger and beer. Last year was just to embarrassing.
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