Friday, December 15, 2006

My friend Jeffery knew how much Steve loved the poet Eugene Field so on behalf of Steve's Mother, Father, and siblings here is a poem he loved.

Long ago
I once knew all the birds that came
And nested in our orchard trees,
For every flower I had a name---
My friends were woodchucks, toads, and bees;
I knew where thrived in yonder glen
What plants would soothe a stone-bruised toe---
Oh, I was very learned then,
But that was very long ago.

I knew the spot upon the hill
Where checkerberries could be found,
I knew the rushes near the mill
Where pickerel lay that weighed a pound!
I knew the wood ---the very tree
Where lived the poaching, saucy crow,
And all the woods and crows knew me---
But that was very long ago.

And pining for the joys of youth,
I tread the old familiar spot
Only to learn this solemn truth:
I have forgotten, am forgot.
Yet here's this youngster at my knee
Knows all the things I used to know:
To think I once was wise as he!---
But that was very long ago.

I know it's folly to complain
of whatsoe'er that fates decree,
Yet, were not wishes all in vain,
I tell you what my wish should be:
I'd wish to be a boy again,
Back with the friends I used to know.
For I was, oh, so happy then---
But that was very long ago!
Eugene Field
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I told you there would be pictures of the beautiful Britta. Just born and already bored with the world. My my.

Brooklyn is a very good big sister.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Bill, thank you for your kind words. I have been hugging her and telling her it will be ok. She is still in shock over the accidental death of her brother. They were very very close in age and spirit. He was 15 months younger than she is. They spoke on the phone everyday in fact she talked to him that night at 7:00pm and he was hit by a truck walking home from dinner at 9:00pm that evening. killed instantly. I think it will be easier for the whole family once the holidays are over.
Anyway good news to announce. New Granddaughter Britta made her way in the world Dec. 6th. Pictures to follow very soon.

Friday, December 08, 2006

Long time no blog!!!!
I have been being very kind to Jane lately. Her brother Steve has been Killed in a tragic accident. She is very devastated. They were 15 months apart and very close. Jane is having a very hard time going on with out her brother. She talked to him shortly before his death!!!! But she felt it was not enought!!! Is it ever enough? Can you ever say enogh to someone y0u love so much!!!!
P.S. Rosy the wonder ewe is safe and loved very much by Brooklyn and Jane and thanks to a special friend she loves animal crackers!!
Long time no Blog

It's been a very tough time at the Emporium this last month. Jane's brother Steve was taken from us in a tragic accident, way to young. Jane has taken it very hard and doesn't know what to do. It's so sad when someone you Love is taken away from you before their time. Steve was a great man and a good friend and Father. His family loved him and will greatly miss him. He had so much life in him and to be cut short is such a shame. Steve cheers to you!!!!!! Jane had talked to Steve shortly before he was killed and was going to talk to him later but it never happened, he died at 9:00 Jane was going to talk to him about that time when she got home.
His kids will greatly miss him, his family will greatly miss him. Steve you will always be with us