Friday, August 25, 2006

Last night was suppose to be knitters night out. But, instead we got one of the worst storms I've seen in a loooong time. The hail was golf size or bigger. The wind was blowing so hard that the rain came in the big front window and got the carpet all wet. Thankfully Jane had one of those shampoo machines and was able to get the water out of the carpet. It was a very scary storm.
Jane was very worried about the animals at the farm. Everyone managed to ride the storm out OK.
This is her favorite lamb "Shrek" She really likes the look of this ewe. It sure would be nice if she could take desent pictures like Nancy K. or Darrell But, (sigh) again need I remind you this is Jane we are talking about.
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Thursday, August 24, 2006

Remember when Jane got that aromatherapy yarn in the shop awhile back? And everyone laughed at her and thought she was nuts? And we all thought now we had seen it all? (by the way this is the last skein of aromatherapy yarn she has left) Well are you all ready for this!!!!!! Now you can knit in the dark!!! Believe it or not!!!!
Knitting needles with little lights in the tips!!!!!
Now, I do believe We really have seen it all. Now you can knit your smelly yarn in the dark. I can't imagine what these crazy knitters could think of next but I'm sure they will come up with something. Posted by Picasa

Friday, August 18, 2006

Jane wants to share an ad that she can't stop laughing about. She thinks it's funny and thought some of you guys might get a kick out of it. I really don't see the humor.  Posted by Picasa
Look at the cool Flip-Flops!!!! Her toe nails match the shoe! That is tooooo cool!
Look at the cool shoes!!!!! Big foot, little foot. I also have a cool hat pattern to share from Queer Joe's knitting blog It works really well with Shetland homespun. Jane has made several of these hats, John and Jeramie snap them up and wear them all winter long. It is a great pattern from a great guy. ENJOY! Posted by Picasa
Knitters night out was a really good time. Some of the projects are really cool!!!!
And we have a shout out to Jesse who got Grand Champion at the fair in the knit and crochet, for her white shawl that is pictured in one of the previous posts. Her purple flirty ruffles is almost done. You go girl!!!
Cherri is working on a really interesting kid's sweater.
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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

John and Jane have been having a heated discussion about sheep lately. It is really starting to annoy me. This is how it goes. John: Jane how many sheep are you breeding this year? Jane: Oh, I don't know maybe 5. Just like last year. John: Jane WHY do you have all these sheep if your not going to be breeding them? Jane: Oh, well, some of them I don't really feel they are good enough. John: then why do you keep them? Jane: because they are my friends. John: That is so stupid. Who cares if they are good enough or not, you breed them all and ship the lambs. Jane: GASP!!! You mean like to the stock yard???? John: Why yes of course. Jane: I can't do that! They are so little, so cute, so friendly, so interesting!!!! John: Jane, we can't keep feeding all these sheep. You have ewes that are 7 yrs. old that have never had lambs. What are you thinking!!! Some of these sheep have got to go!!! Emproium: This is the talk they have been having for weeks. It is really getting sickening. So, these are some of the sheep she is willing to part with. This is Sweetpea. She is a very friendly ewe. She is for sale for $100.00
This is Connie. She has very nice wool and cute personality. $250.00
And to really motivate the sale of these wonderful Shetland sheep is a FREE gift with purchase.
Roosters!!!!!!! Posted by Picasa
More sheep for sale. This is Rosy. She is very friendly. loves to be petted. We have worked on her bad behavior. She doesn't butt anymore. (fingers crossed) She is for sale for $100.00
This is Flopsy. She is very good quality. She is for sale for $250.00
This is her twin Mopsy. Another fine ewe. $250.00
Last, but by far not least is one of the sweetest little ewes her name is Betty. She loves everyone. She is for sale for $100.00 If you see any little ewe you like, call the Emporium at 715-639-2052 or email. Posted by Picasa

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Jane was late yesterday. Want to know why? She thought she needed a pedicure. This is a woman that walks around bare foot. Stepping in sheep poo and cattle poo all the time and she thinks she needs a pedicure.
I know she did it just to make me mad. She knows I don't have feet, she knows I want feet. she knows I love shoes and the little flower is too cute. I hate her. Posted by Picasa
Remember the fleece Jane washed ,dyed the six colors ,4 kool-aid and 2 gaywool? This is a sample of it spun and plyed. It really is fun. It looks like candy. She doesn't know yet what she is going to knit with it yet. Should be interesting.
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The one year old peacocks went to a new home. Leah, Janes daughter is very happy. She doesn't like the peacocks because they sleep outside her bedroom window. Leah even offered the people $50.00 to take the stupid things. But they were nice people and paid for the pair. Posted by Picasa

Thursday, August 03, 2006

This is the coffee roaster John uses to roast the coffee beans. He roasts every Wed. night. He roasts some of the best coffee in the world with this antique roaster. That is really how The Emporium got started. It was a place John could roast his coffee and sell it. ( The Wi. state Inspector was not keen on the roasting in the barn idea.) But she is Keen on him roasting in the cafe. So John bought me and started roasting his wonderful coffee here, in downtown Elmwood. He roasts alot of different beans from all over the world. All the beans are Organic. And, he does special roasts from light to Espresso. People say it is the best coffee they have ever had. Some have even asked him what he puts in the coffee to make it so they have to have it. A gentleman from the United Arab Emirates just left with 12 lbs of Johns wonderful coffee to take back with him. He says he loves the coffee. So now we can say Johns Coffee is getting shipped all over the world.
One of Janes favorite coffee is a bean that comes from a country called Timor

Timor seems to be having trouble. I hope they still continue to grow that GREAT coffee bean.
Jane without her favorite coffee, I think that would be dangerous. Posted by Picasa