Friday, May 11, 2007

Jane would like to show her latest knitting project. Lately she has been into the skull stuff , she says it's because of the Pirate movies. I don't know, I think she has a problem. I just wish she wouldn't knit that stuff in my shop, she should save it for the farm. creeps me out. (shudder)

Using this ram from Kimberwood on these ewes Highland Hollow Farm has 2 dark brown lambs. Jane is very happy she hasn't had any dark browns for years. Jane was reading Mary Ellen's blog and noticed Mary Ellen has dark brown also. Could it be a dark brown year?

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

This really cute little calf is named Wildfire. She is John and Janes new pet. She thinks she is a human. The really cool thing about this is that she is the Granddaughter to Janes favorite cow Willow who died Feb. 22 of this year. Some of you might remember her cow Willow, She was a really fun Highlander to hang out with.

Jane got a new Border Collie puppy last week. Seth is not real happy. Everyone keeps asking her what she was thinking and they keep calling her the devil dog. I haven't gotten a chance to meet the puppy yet. When Jane comes to the shop she mumbles things like, "had to get away from the puppy." Devil dog. hound from hell, and I must have been nuts." I don't know she looks harmless enough.

Little lamb is sooo cute.

We have Brooklyn pictures!!!!! Here is Brooklyn playing her guitar for the big sheep shearing day at the farm. The sheep and Seth loved it.

Here is Brooklyn showing off her new hair cut and fancy dress she is planning on wearing to her Great uncle Jay's wedding this month. Doesn't she look fancy?
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Friday, May 04, 2007

Saturday was sheep shearing day. See how Brooklyn is playing her guitar for the sheep

Chris is shearing the old ram Dylan
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Hey, guess who's back???????
It is I Highland Hollow Emporium!!!
I have a question for you can anyone identify this plant?
let me know what it is
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