Sunday, October 29, 2006

Ok you humans! Jane is NOT dead!!! Although I would like to kill her !!!But we can't do that. John would miss her. ( really, he does love her, yuk) Anyway, Jane has not taken any pictures. I hate a blog without pictures. that is why I haven't made her blog for the last 2 weeks or is it longer? I don't know. Time is going so fast. Anyway, Jeffrey has written a poem about me and my new love Audi. guess what? Jane lost the poem. JEFFREY!!! Help!! We need an intervention!!! I really need a new human to do my bidding. I really like Queer Joe I wish he would write for me or maybe crazy anut purl or my favorite the I can't even say her name I read her blog every day. She is the coolest. can you guess who she is???? Queer Joe would know. Someone out there in the www has to help me and the Rosy the wonder ewe. John has set up a butching date for 2 ewes. John is really starting to like lamb. Jane is making lamb soup as we speak. I don't know what to do. I am just a stupid building. I'm getting very nervous. I need help. Can you believe I just said that. I am so much smarter than these 2 humans. It is all a joke I and Rosy have it all under control. (help) I will make Jane blog later and take lots of pictures. Did you humans know that Big Al came back? pictures to follow. Someone out there has to care I really need help!! Emporium

Friday, October 06, 2006

Last night was knitters night out and Jane forgot to take pictures. I think she was having to much fun with the ladies. She did manage to take some sheep pictures.
Here is Rosy the wonder ewe standing on Jane's sitting rock. She sure thinks she is cool doesn't she. That's what I like about her she sure has attitude. You go Rosy!!!! your the bomb.
Notice how Angel soft is trying to be as cool as Rosy the wonder ewe? She just doesn't have the coolness that Rosy has. Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Winter will be here soon and the gardens will be covered in snow. BRRRRR. So here are some garden pictures from the farm. This is some love-lies-bleeding after the big hail storm. It was alot bigger, but it is really pretty just the same.
Here is Brooklyn and Seth in front of the plume poppy. I'm just glad there aren't any sheep in the pictures. Those naughty little Shetland Sheep. Posted by Picasa
Pam came in to add some new soap. Pam makes the best soap and shampoo. My new favorite is Plum spice. YUMMY!!!!! (smelling not eating) Posted by Picasa
Hello, Hello all you awesome humans out there!!! Can you believe it is October? Where has the time gone. This month is the one year anniversary of MY BLOG!!! It has been a rough year for me, but I've made it. It hasn't been easy working with Jane or should I say making Jane do what I want her to do. The shop has had it's ups and downs. The people that come in for coffee have had there ups and downs. All and all things have been interesting. I'm looking forward to an exciting new year blogging. If I can force Janes little fingers to work more than 3 days a week blogging. I have so many complaints!!!! But, I am really trying hard not to dwell on the bad. I must keep positive. I have a new girl friend Audi Torium. John has been working on the apt. upstairs. (very, very slowly) Which should have been rented out 2 years ago. But, John has alot to do. (yah, right). Ok, Ok I will dwell on the positive. Anyway, I was all excited last week when I thought the town was giving me a parade. Jane goes "hey Emporium there is a parade going right past you downtown" I get all flushed thinking it was all for me I smile at the people, throw candy because everyone knows you always throw candy in parades. Than Jane starts laughing at me saying it's a homecoming parade silly!!! Boy, did I feel stupid. I will be punishing her later.
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